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Dhanushkodi  is a ghost town... via a sea bridge. The town... destination was Dhanushkodi... for Dhanushkodi in a bus...

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of Dhanushkodi. YES, an ENTIRE TOWN. The leftovers are just... me. When I traveled to Dhanushkodi..., was enriching. Dhanushkodi..., now labelled as a Ghost town...

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Dhanushkodi Rama Sethu Point

Dhanuskodi is the most amazing place in India. The fact that you practically have to drive over dried ocean bed makes it more interesting. For 4X4 vehicles it might be piece of cake. But if you are on a bike it's once in a lifetime adventure not to be missed.
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About Dhanushkodi Town

This is a beautiful yet abandoned temple town which is situated on the southern most part of the town of Rameshwaram. This town was washed away completely during the cyclone in the year 1964 and thus was abandoned. Touristry is budding in this place but it is advised to visit this place during the daytime only. Though there are people who term this place as the 'Ghost Town', the main reason for the caution is the lack of communication facilities from here. The nearmost town is Rameshwaram but the both of these places have no railway links at all. It is either a local bus or a car that you have to opt for to come and go back from here. The main attractions of this town are the Rama Temple and the confluence site of the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal. Indian Ocean is known as Ratnakara and the Bay of Bengal as the Mahodadhi in the local language.

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Best time to visit Dhanushkodi Town is from November to March
Dhanushkodi Town

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