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7 Days
Remote Villages & A Peek Into A Forgotten Valley

The only constantI run away on my birthdays. I love the people who take effort in wishing me but ...

Salim Islam
2 Days
Chanshal Pass: Where Wind Roars!!

At 12,390 feet, Chanshal Pass is one of the highest passes in Himachal Pradesh. Making your way t...

Achin Chauhan
10 Amazing Offbeat Destinations In Himachal Pradesh Which Need To Be On A Real Traveler's To Do List

Woke up this morning with a dream breaking out, a beautiful dream, of just serenity, calm, the ch...

Being Out There
The Chanshal Pass

The Chanshal PassRohruThe Chanshal pass also known as Chanshal valley, located about 160kms from ...

Vishal Jindal

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About Dodra

We drive down to the villages now. Nasty hairpin bends with bumps makes my Thar wobble because of the stiff suspensions. We stop in between for the beautiful wild flowers that were growing everywhere. The first village you encounter is the village of Dodra. Though on the way you get a glimpse of the Kwar village, hanging on the mountain to the left of the road. Dodra is the smaller of the two villages and is located at the height of 2450 metres. An idyllic remote village of Himachal, life is quiet here and you can hear just about every sound around you. There’s just one forest rest house here and you really need to be lucky to get a booking here.

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