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Have you ever been crazy enough about a spot that you’d let an airline shave your head so you could have a free flight?...

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New Zealand....

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200 Rattray St, Dunedin 9016
45 Pakihau Road, Harington Point, Otago Peninsula, Dunedin
Penguin Place is a private nature preserve in Dunedin that's dedicated to helping endangered yellow eyed and blue eyed penguins. Many areas are off limits to visitors, and the tour is conducted so that you can observe the penguins without disturbing them. I was in love with this place until I observed penguins in the wild the next day in the Catlins, and nothing beats actually watching wildlife in the wild rather than in the confines of a preserve.
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6. Tablet / small size laptop : Each day in new zealand will give you the chance to click million of pics. Suggest you to carry tablet or laptop with good memory storage to transfer your pictures data every day.

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