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Maritime Greenwich

Greenwich has a feeling altogether different than central London. Walking along the sidewalk through the Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site, you are brought back to the romantic times of exploration. From sea to space, some of the greatest explorers in history walked the grounds. Our reason for visiting Maritime Greenwich, however, was not to see these incredible sites- although we did and loved them. The main goal was to climb up to the Royal Observatory, perched on a hill overlooking Greenwich with spectacular views of London. There stands the Prime Meridian Line, that invisible line of longitude that separates our earth into two hemispheres. The highlight of the Royal Observatory is the Prime Meridian Line, but it is also home to Greenwich Mean Time which is why it has been given the nickname ‘the home of time’. Flamsteed House is another worthwhile attraction, which was designed by Sir Christopher Wren and once functioned as the home of some of history’s most influential astronomers. Unfortunately, the Royal Observatory is no longer an official residence of astronomers as the lights from London have become too bright.
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