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East Java delves into serious volcano hiking and jungle life. Surabaya is the easiest access gateway – connecting to all major attractions in the area. Several travel agencies in Yogyakarta can also arrange multi-day tours (usually 3-4 days).Things to do in East Java: The two big volcanoes: Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru, Sukamade beach (for turtle nesting) and the Baluran National Park (for the savannah wildlife and beaches).Get in: Jakarta and Surabaya are the two main airports, for West and East Java respectively. There are also ferries to and from Sumatra (discussed above) and Bali: Gilimanuk (East Java) to/from Gianyar (Bali)Suggested itinerary: You will most likely start/end your journey in Jakarta. Here's a suggested route. Expect to spend at least 12 days in Java to see it all.Fly in to Jakarta > Anyer (for Krakatao and Ujung Kulong) > Train to Yogyakarta (via Jakarta) > Surabaya > Mt. Bromo and Mt. Semur> Bekol Savanna and Bama Beach> Onwards to BaliKalimantan (Borneo): As Jurassic as it getsThe island of Borneo is shared by both Indonesia and Malaysia, with a much larger chunk on the Indonesian side. The people of Kalimantan are collectively called the Dayak, and speak more than 70 distinct languages. The island houses one of the oldest rainforests in the world, and is home to several endemic species of wildlife, including the Borneon orangutan, leopards and prehistoric species of birds. Outside its jungles, and the rivers within them, Kalimantan is rimmed by unchartered waters with spectacular beaches.Not for the faint of heart, Kalimantan's jungles and rivers have been around longer than the human race. But if you like surprises, please delve in.Amazing places to see in Kalimantan

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Best time to visit East Java is from February to June and from September to October
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