Eaton Rapids Tourism & Travel Guide

4 Days
Lake Michigan Circle Tour

CircleThis trip the Lake Michigan Loop tour was undertaken more than 2 years ago however I am gla...

tapan chaddarwala
My bucket list! Do you have one?

People spend most of the time wondering about tomorrow even i used to do the same; till i booked ...

10 Of The Most Unusual Beaches In the World

If you’re one of those people who think that beaches are the most boring tourist destinatio...

Priyam Bagga
3 Days
A Solo Trip To New York City

This is the story of how I nailed my first solo trip overseas to the most vibrant city on Earth.&...

Vikas Singh
15 Days
US Cross Country Roadtrip

The Beginning - Miami, FL When I told people that I was gonna drive alone for 14 days across the...

Priyakanth Manda
Siddhgadh – Flash Flood

The soft pitter patter of the rain falling on my head was like a comforting rhythm. My feet went ...

Aloke Surin

Playtime Tap
933 14th Ave SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 5240
Indian Creek Nature Center
6665 Otis Road SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52403-713
Masonic Library and Museum
813 First Avenue S. E., Cedar Rapids, IA 5240
Islamic Center of Cedar Rapids
2999 1st Ave SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 5240
Bushwood Sports Bar & Grill
350 Edgewood RD NW, Cedar Rapids, IA 5240

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