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Image Credit : Khalid Almasoud Getting Around in Egypt Egypt tourism is decent and easy owing to its reasonably efficient transport system....

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That’s the real Egypt.”...

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  DAY 1 // CairoCairo was dirty, unkept, unstable and chaotic like most of Bangkok, although far worse – and I loved it, but hated it all the same. I was expecting this as this is what Cairo is, especially with the daily and sometimes fatal protests that were going on at Tahrir Square which was literally a walk away from my accommodation, Brothers Hostel. Most people probably think downtown Cairo is physically ugly, and I agree somewhat. I see it as ugly-beautiful. The almost uniform color shades of yellow and yellowish grey of the architecture where nearly all buildings are falling apart has a certain character to it, something I have never seen in a big city. Even as a native New Yorker that has travelled to 16 countries , it took me some getting used to. The next day I visited the Egyptian Museum.


Many festivals were celebrated in Thebes. The Temple of Luxor was the center of the most important one, the festival of Opet. Built largely by Amenhotep III and Rameses II, it appears that the temple's purpose was for a suitable setting for the rituals of the festival.



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