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Mt Ishizuchi, Komatsucho Ishizuchi, Saijo, Ehime Prefecture 791-1710, Japan
Mount Ishizuchi is the tallest mountain on Shikoku with 1982 m height. The best time to hike here is between July 1st and October. I would recommend that you should keep at least 5 hours in your itinerary to do full justice to this climb. The variety of stone hammers constitutes an elegant complex of shrines in form of Jōju. Some travelers don’t go exploring the slopes which can turn out to be one of the best hikes of your life. The hiking trail starts from Jōju. You will pass through a series of wooden steps and thick forests before you reach the Yoakashi pass. To experience this place in its true spirit, climb up the near-vertical giant iron chains bolted to the cliffs. There are three sets of chains in order of their size: 33m, 65m and 68m. But it is the last one (68 m) which is one spine-tingling climb. Travel Tip - Note that the first day of the season for hiking is reserved for men only. Also, carry a good pair of boots to ensure a safe climb.
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