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The El Triunfo Cafe’ is must see if you come here....

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We began our trip with a six-hour or so drive from Mazatlán to El Fuerte, in the northern part of our state of Sinaloa....

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Ejido El Rosario, El Triunfo

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I also decided to return to Cabo to end the trip again since I loved watching the whales there on RTW #5. Again, the whales did not disappoint! We saw dozens of whales on our 2-hour trip in the Sea of Cortez making Cabo one of the best values in the world for whale-watching. I spent the final night of my trip sitting on my balcony watching the sun set and the whales putting on yet another show. I saw several of them leap out of the water in a full breach and even got a few good pictures. (Remind me again why it’s necessary to pay for a whale-watching trip in this town?) Of all the whales we did see between the two trips – that’s one thing I’ve never seen them do up close. So cool.

About El Triunfo

Along with the beautiful architecture and the mines, this small town is also a spectacle of wildlife and biodiversity. It houses a natural reserve that is a part of the UNESCO's Man and Biodiversity program. This town is a sample to preserve the cultural heritage and bio diversity. Come closer to nature in this remote town.

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Best time to visit El Triunfo is from December to April
El Triunfo

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