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is also known for its martial arts... of martial arts and dance... of the city Art culture... at the Museum of Modern Art of Bahia...

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Top Places To Visit 2 Spots

St. Pauls Cathedral

Apart from the Gothic structure, the serenity of the environment draws you in.
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St. Paul's Cathedral

St.Paul’s Cathedral was closed to visitors on Sunday, and I had to be content with the Church Organ concert after evensong. And so I went. First impressions – the place is SO huge that it was scary. I gawked, I craned my neck and I knelt to take photos in which I could not even see the top dome which was hiding behind towering spires. After the gasp ran out of me (or so I thought), I ventured inside. And oh no, more gasp! This place could seat the Bath Abbey and Salisbury Cathedral and still have room to spare! A gargantuan dome rose to the skies and pulled my eyes and breath along with it, and I almost fell off in sheer wonder. Intricate paintings all around the dome stared back at me as I gawked, and I had this eerie feeling that might spring alive any moment. Higher up I could spot two more layers of gilt coloured sculptures dot the tapering dome, till me eyes ended on the top of the mighty dome. The massiveness kept pounding on me and every single time I used to run out of breath in the middle of the averagely good organ concert. How in the world?! Something SO huge must have been built to make more statements than one and I wondered about Sir Christopher Wren and his motivations. or another day. For now I wanted to just sit there and gawk! I came back for the Jazz Mass, but was disappointed with the accompaniment, or maybe I am too conventional with my love for choral voices with the organ echoes.
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