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Brown Bluff, Antarctica
3) Hiking up a glacier at Brown BluffBrown Bluff is located on the Tabarin Peninsula of northern Antarctica and is famous for its towering rust-colored cliff of volcanic rock. Brown Bluff is home to nearly 20,000 pairs of Adelie penguins and over 500 pairs of Gentoo penguins. Hiking up the glacier at Brown Bluff can be challenging since it is covered with loose rubble that can often cause the occasional slip. However, the view from the top is well worth all the effort and risk.At Brown Bluff we also got a taste of harsh Antarctic conditions as we were hit by unexpected high speed wind at 75 kmph. Antarctica had firmly reminded us of who was in charge.
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Antarctic Sound, Antarctica
2) Sailing past Tabular icebergs at Antarctic SoundWhile making our way towards Antarctica, we sailed through the Antarctic Sound. This body of water is famous for gargantuan tabular icebergs that have broken into their present form from vast ice sheets. This fragmentation is primarily due to the ill-effects of climate change. Looking at these vast icebergs was an incredible experience and reminded us of how minuscule we are in comparison.
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