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143 Andersonville Ave, Forks, WA 9833

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Ah, Portland. No, not Portland, Maine, but Portland, Oregon. This city is the most civil I’ve ever lived in in the United States, though some complain it has changed somewhat with the influx of the not-so-civil Californians :) Still, Portland is a well-run city, a mini version of Seattle. Portland is also neighborhoods with shops and cafes. Coffee fuels this town (as it does Seattle). And microbreweries. The city has a thriving nightlife, and a healthy rotation of monthly happenings. During the Rose Festival the city is even more alive. Have a stroll along Waterfront Park, or take a drive to Multnomah Falls for a nice hike. The city blends urban and nature well, with the largest urban forest in the United States, Forrest Park. I love Portland. I spent nearly 10 years living there and will always consider it my second hometown. On clear days, stare at Mount Hood. Everyone does.

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TwilightOur first stop was Forks, which we chose for its close proximity to the Hoh Rainforest and Rialto Beach. We went to the Visitor Information Center to inquire about boondocking sites. As soon as we walked in, we were inundated with Twilight memorabilia and life size cutouts. I guess if you're a "twi-hard" fan (get it?), you already knew that the books and movies were based in Forks. I'm not, so I didn't. I was the village idiot that day. I think I heard an audible gasp from the three ladies at the visitor center when I said I hadn't seen the movies (or read the books). Anyway, they were very informative in answering all of our questions and even provided me with a town map, which of course listed all of the Twilight areas of interest - the high school where Bella and Edward met, the hospital where Edward's dad worked, the police station where Bella's dad worked, and the main characters' houses.

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