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The nearby praias (beaches) of Morro de Sao Paolo, Praia do Forte, and Island of Itaparica are perfect for weekend getaways....

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So we had only a month to enjoy this enormous country with a fixed date towards the end of it, the mighty carnival, the greatest party on earth and the only reason I am here at the hottest time of year....

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Piscinas Naturais Aquarius, Em Frente a Pousada Porto Da Lua, Praia do Forte, State of Bahia
Av. Farol Garcia D"Avila s/n Praia Do Forte, Praia do Forte, State of Bahia

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O tempo é relativo e não pode ser medido exatamente do mesmo modo e por toda a parte. Ariana,Blogger,Baiana da gema TWITTER @vivimetaliun BLOG

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The hardest part was planning where to go next before our flight from Brasilia and we decided upon the expensive resort town of Praia do Forte, the snorkeling and turtle sanctuary alone was worth the hiked room prices. The natural pools surrounded some of the best reef and marine life I’ve seen in ages, I even spotted my first sea snake. The turtles were by far the biggest I’ve ever seen and we got to witness the staff moving the oldest on a stretcher. We were sad to leave paradise knowing we had another night bus, but managed to haggle a big discount to Brasilia.
Praia do Forte - Bahia

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