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Fox Glacier is a 13km long ice river, fed by the four alpine glaciers. Flowing through the temperate forest landscape, this river is an amazing natural wonder that you just can't miss. The valley around the glacier, and the easy access to it gives an explorer the perfect opportunity to wander around this amazing spectacle. The scenic walks around the valley provide amazing views of the glacier from different angles. You can either chose to hike up to the glaciers that feed the river or take a helicopter ride to the top. After you reach the top, it's time for some fun! With snow boots and an ice pick in your hand, traverse through the blue ice crevasses and icy caves.Activities for the day: Walking on a glacier and discovering the ice river of New Zealand.Cost: A guided tour of the Fox Glacier starts at 59NZD or Rs. 3,000 and can go up to 900 NZD or Rs. 40,000 depending on what activities you do.After Fox Glacier, it's onward to a dramatic change of scenery. Day 6 and 7: Abel Tasman National Park

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Best time to visit Fox Glacier is from June to November
Fox Glacier

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