Frankfurt An Der Oder Tourism & Travel Guide

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Zeil is a famous street in Frankfurt! There is loads of shopping to do in that area! Pandora is really cheap over there!! Got a hollister top for only 15 euros!
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Concorde Hotel Frankfurt

A good hotel in the area of the central railroad station. The rooms are not very big but there are very clear! The breakfast is good.
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About Frankfurt

A pretty compact city, Frankfurt was decidedly a non-party destination unless you travelled far from the city centre. The Red Light District was marvelously nightmarish, upon entrance we were offered every drug we were aware of and even witnessed a few being taken. The city has a very standoffish feel and no one seems happy at any given time. Our hostel, Frankfurt Hostel, was the saving grace of the trip. Cheap drinks, a well cultured atmosphere and clean rooms, it went the extra mile. The cities old heritage is lost between the office buildings so it's not worth searching for because so much has been eroded. 3/10, it's only this high for the displays in the Red Light District.


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