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I suppose I should start with a warning: If you are not a devotee of European history, stick to the 3 C Rule: More than 3 castles and/or cathedrals in one trip and every one starts to look the same....

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These 7 days literally flew away for us. We kept discussing what we’d missed. We wanted to stay each place a little more, but we also wanted to explore more places.You know what we were living with?THE FEAR OF MISSING OUT

About Gaucín

Further along the A377, up the steep mountainside, lies Gaucin. Hairpin curves and sheer drops of several hundred feet next to the roadway notwithstanding, the ride up the mountain is beautiful, especially in spring. Gaucin has much to offer: Its resident castle, Castillo del Aguila, dates back to the Romans, but was expanded into a fortress by the Moors. The Convento de los Carmelitas was built in the 1700s and is now used for civic events, such as exhibitions of Gaucin’s growing artist community. Gaucin also hosts its own running of the bulls event on Easter Sunday. Unlike the throngs of tourists that descend on Pamplona for the running of the bulls, Guacin’s event is much smaller (around 40 people usually run) and it is not advertised anywhere. Guacin’s toro de cuerda dates back to the 17th century and includes many days of celebrations and processions in preparation for Easter.

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