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The city of Ghent, situated in the East Flanders regions of Belgium will always be special to me for a number of reasons.Ghent is one of the most unique cities I have visited....

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I’m not a foodie....

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Basic Italian Gent I

Last but not the least, your food walk is never complete if you never had a picnic by riverside in Ghent. For one, it is an amazing pass time. On the other hand, tranquil riverside calms you. On one such surprisingly warm summer evening, I decided to have a picnic by the river Leie in Ghent with my sister. The day just seemed to call for it. But by the time we left home, it was 8.30 p.m. when most shops with takeaway close. After a long walk, at least a one kilometre away from the river, we found Basic Italian that was open till 9 p.m.. Here for 8 euro, you get a bowl of simmering pasta of your choice as takeaway. Once that was settled, my sister and I rushed to the riverside and chose a less crowded place to settle down with our pasta.There were variety of people who had come by that night – couple who had eyes only for each other, friends with few bottles of beer, elderly on their evening walk and tourists taking in the beauty of Ghent.My spinach pasta just seemed to go with it. Even after I finished my pasta, I just sat there gazing. I thought it was a great place to end your day.
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Seli's Noodlebar

Apart from indigenous cuisine, you will find other restaurants like Selis Noodlebar that offers sufficient vegetarian options. I just loved this place. It was small, cozy and lively. We went there as a party of three, two of us vegetarians. Considering that it was a Chinese restaurant, I found ample vegetarian options. I ordered a bowl of noodles and a customary beer to go with it. Needless to say it was a good combination. It was over two hours by the time we finished and the weather was getting colder even though it was summer.One of the best things to do when it is too cold is to have a scoop of your favourite ice cream. Luckily there was one right beside the noodlebar. While one of my dinner buddies ordered a cappuccino, another friend and I got ourselves a scoop of lemon sorbet. We walked back home shivering and eating sorbet as the cold wind grazed our barely concealed legs.
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