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The Route we finally took to reach Hampi and back Pune Pune - Kolahpur - Gokak - Badami (Night Stay+sight seeing) - Hampi - Hubli - Pune Dhanwanti Nayak has following to say about Hampi "Hampi is a historical site scattered with ruins and excavations - a strange landscape suffused by silence and austerity....

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Some of its names are Gerusoppe falls, Gersoppa Falls and Jogada Gundi....

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Gokak Water Falls, Dhupadal, Karnataka
Driving across 3 states – Maharashtra, Karnataka and GoaAfter the trip to Lonar Lake and Aurangabad, this was our first trip post summer season.Below are the trip Itinerary:Day 1: Start from Mumbai – Karnataka (Gokak Waterfalls) – Goa (Arambol Beach via Gadhinglanj)Days 2: Arambol Beach – Amboli Falls – Kolhapur (Rankala Lake) - MumbaiWe started from Mumbai at 10 Pm in the night. This has become our usual timing to leave for any road trip. It was a windy and a rainy night travelling from Mumbai to Karnataka. This was our first trip towards the southern part of the country and we were all geared up and excited to explore the new horizons of this beautiful world.We were driving through the Mumbai-Bangalore Highway and it was an exquisite experience to drive on this road. Around 2 AM we left off from pune toward our destination.At the dawn, we had crossed satara and the view was ecstatic due to the smooth and curvy highway roads. It was greenery on both of sides of the road which made the sight more pleasant, thanks to rainy season.Day 1:We had our first halt at a petrol pump near Kolhapur to complete our morning chores and set off for Karnataka.We entered Karnataka through Nipani which is around 35 kms from Kolhapur. It is always a different feeling to enter a new state. You get to see and observe various change in the tradition like difference in the looks of the people, their attire, the language, architectural structures, etc.Driving through Nipani we reached to the first spot of our trip - Gokak Waterfalls. It was not raining much in that period and hence there was not much water falling down the cliff, still it was a scenic place to visit. The view from the cliff is very enchanting. There is a bridge over the waterfall which connects to the temple on the other side.Unaware of the surprises, we left off from Gokak and started driving for Badami Caves. We had a heartbreak after driving for 50 kms from Gokak when we saw that the road is blocked and got to know that there is a bandh in Karnataka due to some water issues. After a lot of brain storming we decided to change our destination and started heading towards Amboli Falls through Gadhinglanj.The climate and the greenery was so ecstatic that it made us forget the sadness of not getting to visit the Badami Caves.After driving for around 3 hrs we reached Amboli Falls at around 7 PM and it was dark by then. The climate was very good, however we could not enjoy the scenic beauty of the watrerfull due to darkness. We started our descent towards sawant wadi in the dark.There was a very less visibility due to darkness and the mist and it was very difficult to drive in the ghats, however it was a lifetime experience to drive in such a challenging situation. The roads were very narrow and the valley on the other side of the road made it more adventurous to drive. A mixed feeling of fear and adventure had a lasting impression on us.Goa is around 70 kms from Amboli falls and we started heading towards Arambol Beach in Goa. After having an adventurous descent from Amboli Ghat we reached Arambol at around 10 in the night. July being the off season for Goa, the roads were deserted with hardly any shops and shacks were open. Luckily we found a hotel to spend the night.
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On Ghataprabha River, 6 Km From Gokak, Belgaum

About Gokak Falls

Gokak is a taluka headquarters mainly known for the beautiful waterfalls here. The Ghataprabha River flows for a number of kilometres and then takes a steep leap crashing across a sanstone cliff. When the waters start falling, it forms a horseshoe and then takes the shape of flood falls. The waters are thick reddish brown in color due to the sandstone that gets infused in the water. This waterfall is also the only attraction in the Gokak Region.

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Best time to visit Gokak Falls is from February to June and from September to November
Gokak Falls

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