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2. England- The London Tube: There are a lot of things you can love about England, but nothing is more enchanting than having time to spare and watching the London tube at rush hour. From the unwritten rules of staying to the left on escalators to the packed like sardines carriages, the tube can give you new found respect for space. The tube stands for everything ‘London’. Add the fact that they scaled new heights in design whilst creating the new tube map.
Take this day to explore the cliffs of Edinburgh or visit the Arthurs seat. Its a lot of walk, but a good change to basic touristy things. You can also check out the Holyrood Palace and the Botanical Gardens. If you are a potter fan, YOU HAVE TO GO The Elephant House, the place where JK Rowling started writing Harry Potter. They also sell a painted postcard of the author sitting in a quaint corner writing the book. The whole of Victoria Street gives major HP feels and can surely be your drinking place for the evening. Also give The Devils Advocate a try. A very English pub with some great food and music.

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