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Guwahati to Tezpur: (3.5 hours by Tempo Traveller) [very frequent service, all along the day, from every corner of Guwahati] - costs 200-250 INR....

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To not seem as fixated by the River as I am, let me mention that Guwahati has other places and things too....

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The Beel is a source of livelihood for several of the villages around it whose fishermen depend on it. Boats moving around the lake are a common sight here as the fishermen throw their net into the water hoping for a good catch of freshwater fish. What is heartening is that overfishing is never the case here and the local people are also well aware of the need to preserve this rich piece of wetland to sustain the ecosystem of the area. There have been serious cases of land cutting, waste water disposal and land grabbing in the vicinity that has raised serious concerns regarding the dangers faced by the Beel’s ecosystem. Hunting and trapping of birds happens occasionally and more manpower is needed for the authorities to look into these matters. Thankfully, the local people realise it and have been active with several groups and NGOs to counter these maladies and keep the Beel fit for all purposes.
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Meghalaya’s capital, Shillong is quaint hill-station flanked by pine forests and a few hundred waterfalls scattered across the charming landscape. Also referred to as the Scotland of the East, Shillong is replete with remnants of its British legacy, that can be seen in its architecture and the cuisine found on most menus. The beautiful Umiam, is a manmade lake and locally known as Barapani, it’s one of Shillong’s most popular places to visit. The Wards Lake is another artificial creation and tourists flock to this destination mainly for the boat rides. The multitude of waterfalls crowding the city - Sweet, Bishop and Beadon, and Elephant falls play a significant role in Shillong’s tourism. The Don Bosco Centre of Indigenous Cultures, is a cultural repository for all the seven Northeastern states, boasting of everything from weapons to rare photographs. To witness a magnificent view of the entire city, the Shillong Peak at 1695 msl fanning out over the town is your best bet. While touring Shillong, don’t forget to incorporate the beautiful Golf Course, that is perched at an elevation of 5200ft.

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Reach Guwahati by afternoon by Air / by Train. Reach Guwahati bus depot, at walking distance from Guwahati Railway station anyone can help to tell the way towards depot. Book Volvo bus tickets for Jorhat (Bus ticket rates may vary, I payed Rs.370). Also the Guwahati bus depot has the facility to keep luggage’s at hourly basis. I had to visit the Kamakhaya Temple so surrendered the luggage and headed towards temple. Private buses available to temple’s foothill or directly to the temple with less than Rs. 20.After reaching temple,I had payed for VIP darshan so that I would not waste time in a long queue, but of no use. Afterwards, inside the temple as we enter VIP’s are treated same like others. After darshan again come back to Guwahati bus depot.Without VIP darshan, anyone may spend whole day in queue by wasting time.Jorhat volvo run overnight. As the tickets are booked from depot, there are public buses from Guwahati bus depot to Volvo bus stand. The bus conductors themselves will find you and take you to the bus and also they make sure that you get your seat in Volvo bus also. It takes 5-5.30 hrs to reach Jorhat. Travelling overnight, the volvo buses drop you to Jorhat bus stand in night 3:30am or max by 4am in early morning. Make sure you have booked your hotel near by bus stand in advance. There are rickshaws available in night which will take you to the hotel safely. Bargain for the price they tell you.

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