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Gwaldam is a bit lazy town, on the outskirt of Garhwal and Kumaon. Set in the midst of green woods and apple plantations, it is situated at a height of 1629 m.40 km far from Kausani, Gwaldam is 22 km far from Baijnath. The expressway that go through Bageshwar, branches off to take you through an interesting course in the midst of thick pine woods, against the background of the Himalayas.From Gwaldam, the street winds its way through thick backwoods and terraced fields dabbed with houses of Tharali and Narain Bagar upto the Ranikhet-Pandukhal street. It's the beginning stage for the absolute most energizing trekking courses in the Himalayas and the base for the trek to Roop Kund. As one gazes upward, one sees the snow-topped tops. The valley that extends for miles has the stream Pindari coursing through it. This little village with its far spread fields is one of nature's delights.

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It is located at an elevation of 2680mts above sea level. 7.MADHYAMAHESHWAR TREK The legend of Madhyamaheswar is an integral part of the legend of Panch Kedar, which is a captivating narration of the efforts of Pandavas to atone for the sins of their fratricide (gotra- hatya) act of killing their cousins, the Kauravas, and Brahmanahatya (killing of Brahmins – the priest class), during the epic Mahabharata war. 8.MUNSIYARI Everyone must try a bike trip to Munsiyarai . 9.HEMKUND SAHIB YATRA ( to hemkund lake and gurudwara sri hemkund sahib) 10.VILLAGE Gwaldam Gwaldam is a small town itself, the main reason for its prosperity is a large SSB Training ground located within the center of the town....

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