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You know the trip is totally over you when you do not waste a single moment enjoying the local flavours of the place...staying at a home-stay instead of a hotel, travel around in public transport instead of taxis or tripping along the highway to explore places instead of taking flights....

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Australia, a country so inquisitively beautiful and immensely wonderful.......

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Halls Gap Oval, Halls Gap, Victoria

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When the Europeans arrived in Australia, a land so far from their own, they brought pieces of their own country and replanted them here— perhaps to ease their life in a fairly harsh landscape. Especially since many of them came from the gentle English countryside with all its lacy comforts, and were flung into the deep end of the Southern Hemisphere. Australia was a wild land, teeming with snakes, crocodiles and an unforgiving sun that shone long and hard. So, it must come as no surprise that the European settlers sometimes strung along things that would make them feel at home—mostly their favourite tree saplings, horses and timber-made ‘kit houses.’

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