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Often cited as one of the world's great food capitals, Hanoi is the birthplace of many quintessential Vietnamese dishes, such as pho and bun cha. There's a plethora of options in Hanoi for those who want to eat like a local. A street food lover's paradise, dishes in Hanoi often feature fish sauce, chilies, lemongrass, cilantro and other fresh herbs.Things you must try:Bun cha – Pork patties grilled over hot coal and served with tangy vinegar, fish sauce, sugar, lime and eaten with rice vermicelli.Pho – Fragrant rice noodle soup served with fresh herbs.Bun rieu cua – Tangy tomato soup prepared with round rice vermicelli and topped with deep-fried tofu and pounded crabmeat.Suggested stay:

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Best time to visit Hanoi is from December to February

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