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(its world famous, fyi) Bus down to Windermere, check into host's house - heart of Windermere town Day 4 -Cruising around the lakes on 'Freedom of the Lakes' pass , Steam Engine ride (Amazing scone with cream, jam and strwaberries at Haverthwaite station) and a quick visit to Ambleside town for late lunch - during the cruise. https://www.windermere-lakecruises.co.uk/cruises-fares Day 5- Weather plays spoil sport again, but this time we are thankful so we decide to go caving instead of the original plan of outdoor abseiling....

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Windermere is the largest natural lake in England and it has been one of the country's most popular places for holidays and summer homes since 1847. The climate was perfect for a good walk, we just ventured not knowing where we were supposed to reach. But, believe me it was one of the most amazing and romantic walk of our existence till date, through woods, through these huge farms with sheep's grazing, by the lake side with small waterfalls on either side, nothing less than like in HEAVEN. The long walk made us hungry and again we didn't want to settle for anything else but a good English pub, which we found in the main market. Again it was the similar ambience, set up and good food and beer pints like in all English pubs.After lunch we were back to walking around the city, the market, lake and places just outside the market which was full of summer homes and beautiful scenic views all around. Finally, at around 5 pm we were kind of done with exploring Windermere and decided to travel to Preston and explore another city close to Preston i.e. Lancaster, as we had a 11 pm train from Preston to Inverness (our next holiday destination). We hopped on into a train from Windermere station and reached Lancaster by 6 pm.It was getting dark and we could see the town during night. But it was worth walking the streets and exploring it during the night too. It was a beautiful cold evening; there were some beautiful castle structures in the city, pubs bustling with youngsters. After some shopping we were back to Lancaster station and reached Preston by 10pm. The train for Inverness was on time and we had already booked our seats, which had the comfort of a business class seat like in an airplane. The moment we entered the train and settled ourselves we were off to sleep.
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