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Tuesday – Hilo, Hawaii All day Tuesday is spent in the port of Hilo which is on the northeastern side of the big island of Hawaii....

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And Hawaii was a treat for a person of my food palette who loves pineapples....

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Haleakalᾱ volcano rises 10023 ft above the Pacific Ocean and occupies almost half of the Maui Island of Hawaii. The geologic history of Haleakalᾱ is estimated to have begun a million years ago, around the time of woolly mammoth and saber tooth tigers! It comprises of colourful cinder cones scattered throughout the valley floor. The most recent eruption took place in 1802. This volcano is considered to be an active but currently non-erupting volcano. I got a chance to see this place a few years back. It is a matchless heaven weathered and coloured over time. The rains have oxidized the earth and the winds have emphasized the cinder cones! When I actually got to the summit, I wondered what was so good about this volcano. I hardly saw the cinder cones and the lush bright colors of the soil! We were told to hike up a trail to experience it for ourselves. Therefore, we started trudging towards what we really hadn’t anticipated. What I am going to quote is often said my the people of Maui that clouds in and around the summit of Haleakalᾱ carry whispers of another time. It is said that the demigod of Maui fished Haleakalᾱ and all the Hawaiin volcanoes from the sea, pulling them up and flinging his fishhook to the heavens. On clear nights, the fishhook of Maui, now the Scorpio, can still be seen in the sky from the summit of Haleakalᾱ.
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I absolutely adore Manly because it so perfectly epitomizes what it means to be a coastal town. As you get off the Circular Quay Ferry and step onto the Wharf, you're surrounded by delicious smells, adorable boutiques, and beautiful sights. It's a real treasure; such an inviting, scenic little seaside area and was my favorite beach of all of the ones I visited while in Sydney. 5) Asia Adams from Navigable World: Manly Beach, New South Wales, Australia

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Best time to visit Hawaii is from June to September


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