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Heidelberg has a lot of local breweries and pick any of them as your lunch spot....

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Heidelberg Castle at night from the opposite banks Heidelberg Brigde I really enjoyed my walk along the Necker after dusk....

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Schloss Heidelberg, 69117 Heidelberg, Baden-Wurttemberg
This venerable university town is incomplete without its castle. Perched on the slopes of Mount Königstuhl above river Neckar, be ready to be overwhelmed at Heidelberg Castle.From gothic to renaissance, the castle is a mix of styles and history, and if history stirs you, it’s worth joining a guided tour. The courtyard outside holds the Heidelberg Castle Festival in the summer with some astonishing performances.
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When it comes to visiting the #DeutchLand, most of the people will suggest you visit during #OctoberFest or during #ChristmasMarket season.Unfortunately, i planned in such a hurry that my travel dates sit exactly on the calendar in between these events. I was kind of worried if this trip is not going to be as good as I was expecting :( Let's find out together how it went ;) Germany offers so many things to see and experience, especially Munich is one of the places where every individual will find his happy place. Therefore I decided to pick this place adding a new page in my travel book.

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Dienstag: I lost my heart in Heidelberg …The next morning, I went to see Heidelberg. Lying somewhere directly on the confluence of rivers Rhine and Neckar, sits this picturesque little university town. After a while, I stood at a vantage point from where I got a sweeping view of the city's picturesque landscape—the famous Limes, or the artificial line that the Romans built across Europe to defend the Roman Empire. I then strolled through the University Square and the Marktplatz, and breezed by a popular student tavern playing jazz. I stopped to relish a lunch consisting of the quintessential local delicacy, bratwurst at an eatery called Bratwurst Glockle.

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