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The Mountains are Calling - Part 1

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Mukul Bhandari

Shri Mehsana Teerth
Sabar Kantha District, Himmatnagar
Vaktapur Teerth Pilgrimage Site
Himmatnagar-Idar Hwy, Sabar Kantha District, Mango Grove, Himmatnagar

Best time to visit - January,February,March,October,November,December
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About Himmatnagar

Then I took a halt at Himmatnagar which is around 60 kms away from Gandhinagar. I drank up a lot of sugarcane juice to get the fluids back in my body. Then I was back on the last strech, in the dying lights of the day I was able to make it to the BSF base in Gandhinagar which was 18 kms away from home.As I reached home, I had clocked 807 Kms in a span of four days. Coming back to Gandhinagar marked an end to this adventure. This trip gave an immense amount of confidence in myself and my riding capabilities, needless to say on the bike as well. To be frank the feeling was more of being relived then any other felling. The terrains and roads which I countered on Day 3 of the journey in that atmosphere was tough but smooth seas never makes good sailors, good roads don't make your riding skills better.It was a trip which was everything that I hoped for it to be and more. I have heard stories of travel being life changing but I never saw it coming true for any one else, until I experienced it on myself in this trip. It was always about something going out and doing a trip on bike, which was challenging and fascinating for me.A big mention need to made for the people of these area which I traveled. At many places I was in a spot of bother and GPS as well could not rescue me, the humbleness and helpful nature of the people their would always be in my engraved and enshine in my memories forever. All the replies would always come along with a big smile. The Hindi proverb of Attithi Devo Bhava (A guest is equal to God). comes true in this region.I would like to make a special mention to Mr. Rohith Ashok the "toll free traveller", his journeys was a big push for me to go on such a biking trip, his journey from Chennai to Ladakh and back is one of the most inspiring journey I have watched. One can follow him on various social media platforms like the Instagram, Facebook, twitter and tripoto as well. Many of the lines which I have used in this blog is from his tour videos only, he is generous and humble that he allowed me to do so and he replies as soon as he can on Instagram. If one is biker wants to be one, go and follow him he is my inspiration. In this journey I made a few friends like Martin, Mohit, Dherendra, & Monika. Even after 3 months of this journey and being at places thousands of miles away but still we are in touch with one another, thanks to social media and the special bond which we all shared among us in regard to travel. A noteworthy mention to the staff of Zostel Udaipur, it is a humble request to all if going to any place in India having a Zostle it is your loss if you don't stay their. The Zostels are filled with amazing character, personalities and stories as well which shall not be missed, the vibe of the place would infuse energy in a tired or fatigued traveler not tourist, traveler.When I told this idea to my parents they said a big no. Even after a lot of persuasion I couldn't sway them. I went on my way without their blessings but did notified them about the same. They still don't approve of bike trips to far locations, but I hope I would be able to change that.I had developed a liking for bike riding from trip which I did about 7 months ago to Pavagarh (For which I will write another blog on the this platform only). That did helped me to have confidence to embark on this journey.Any of this would not have been possible without support, encouragement, involvement and kindness of friends, family and some un-remembered names who chipped along the way. I would be forever grateful to all of them.Thank you guys, I hope this would be helping you to plan trip for yourself along with friends, family an loved ones. Encourage some of you who want to go and explore places on bikes, I would suggest them one thing only to respect the bike and mind your surroundings.

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