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In an era where quite a few number of tribal communities are leaving their tradition and culture behind, moving away from age-old-tradition...

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at Hodka, is approximately...

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Shaam E Sarhad Village Resort

There are amazing resorts in Bhuj, Great Rann of Kutch and Mandvi. Near Great Rann of Kutch you can stay at Hodka village(has few resorts and it is about 18 kms from GRK), Dhordo village(its the beginning of GRK and has tents are on the white desert). We would suggest that you stay in these village resorts rather than in Bhuj, only then you will get feel of Rann(we stayed in Shaam-e-sarhad, amazing resort with great service and food).
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Shaam E Sarhad Resort

The resort is owned and managed by the Hodka Community to push Local art and culture. It's designed in a local style with mirrors and traditional art, crafts, textiles etc.
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About Hodka

Travel from Bhuj to HodkaThe distance from Bhuj to the coveted spot of white sand at Hodka, is approximately at a distance 80km. Due to its proximity to the Pakistan Border, tourists require special permission from the DSP's office near Jubilee Ground in Bhuj.


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