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We all woke up by 5:30 and were pedaling by 7. From hereon the roads weren't flat. There would be small repeated climbs till Honnavar and later we must pedal the huge badass climbs to Jog. We stopped for breakfast at Gunavanthe, couple of kilometres before Honnavar. I ate as much as I could and filled my bottles, because we would be having our lunch at Jog, that is, after riding 80km filled with climbs and also we wouldn't get anything in the middle. We resumed our journey without wasting much time. We took the diversion at Honnavar. From here we would encounter numerous climbs gradually increasing, both in number and gradient. We rode continuously, taking short breaks every 10 or 15km, eating banans and drinking electrolyte. At noon we stopped at a temple before doing the last and biggest climb, filled water, ate snickers and then set off to do the 20km climb. 9km from here was Sharavati view point. I started riding at a pace at which am comfortable. I was the first one to reach Sharavati view point. I kept my cycle aside, clicked a few pics and took a nap. Almost 45mins later Ashok, Barani and Sandeep arrived. 30 minutes after that came Suchith and Varun. We all were now both hungry and thirsty. I had emptied all my resources, except for a couple of packs of Gatorade powder, which i later ate since i didn't have any water left. Struggling on the climbs, we then reached the top at around 3:30. I was so very happy to see a hotel. I started ordering even before everyone arrived. After refueling ourselves, started riding again. We reached Jog falls by 5, but couldn't stop there for long as it would then be impossible for us to make it to Sagara. We had to ride hard the next 30km, in order to reach Sagara before it got too dark. We couldn't even stop anywhere else as there were no lodges anywhere between Jog and Sagara. Finally we could reach Sagara by 7 as it was mostly downhill. Now it was time to find a place to stay. All lodges were full. Varun made a few calls to his relatives who suggested us to stay at Tapaswini Lodge. At this lodge, the only empty place was the terrace with a roof above and beds below. Well, at this stage, this was all I needed to keep my ass calm, which had now worsened. Happy that we found some place to stay, I freshened up, washed clothes, had dinner and slept. October 4I had kept an alarm at 5 in the morning. But when i woke up, it was 6. Ashok and Suchith were already awake. The climate here was so good that i never felt like getting out of bed. At around 7, we left the lodge and found a nice hotel for breakfast. After having breakfast, we hit the roads again by 8. In this trip, the most difficult job was protecting cycles. We couldn't even eat peacefully as every passerby would fiddle with our gears and some people even started riding without our permission.


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