Hurling Tourism & Travel Guide

.  From Sichling to Hurling... to an end. Here we were at Hurling where the generous... village of Hurling...

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India has its best secrets hidden in some of the most unexpected spots on the map. From one destination to another, there's an invisible stretch...

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Top Places To Visit 6 Spots

Tabo Monastery

Tabo MonasterySitting peacefully on a hill is where the Tabo monastery is built. The most important monastery in Spiti, it still does not attract as many tourists as any other monastery would. To stay in the big rooms of the monastery in the winters is just an out of the world experience. The monastery looks over a small village that is as quiet and lost as it seems to be. Walls of the monastery are adorned with exquisite silk paintings called thangkas and precious Buddhist texts. The closest to the village of Tabo is Kaza, an emerging town due to its expansive horizons. Peace in abundance and solitude are just a few words that are still an understatement to the experience from this adventure.
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Nako Lake

Small place with a lake. Good food but not much to do.
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