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The beauty of our campsite on the shores of Lake Myvtn was so amazing that we had decided to keep our camp at the same place and keep it as a base to visit places nearby. We started with a medium distance drive to the whale watching capital of Iceland, Husavik. Husavik is a small fishing town along the North Atlantic coast. Although it was very cold, rainy and windy we decided to go for the whale watching trip and the whales sure did not disappoint. We spotted atleast 4 whales and a lot of other avian fauna like puffins. This was also the day we had our first taste of the local Icelandic cuisine and for a person like me who loves fish, it was a delight. From Husavik we made our way to another famous waterfall Detifoss and then we went to a place named Námaskarð which did not seem earth like. It was filled with hot mud pools, solfataras, fumaroles. The name of the area was Hverir Geothermal area. After such an interesting day we were back at our beautiful campsite. Here is where we met the old camp caretaker who took us to a different world thru his stories. He told us about the Huldufolk, the hidden people of Iceland. He told us about trolls, elves and fairies who supposedly come out in the month of August when the long night begins to set in. Stories like these sent a chill down my spine even though I am a staunch non believer in ghosts. That surely was a night to remember as after hearing these stories we walked to a beautiful small church by a graveyard at 3:30 AM.

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