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7 Days
That Seoul Trip Couldn't Have Been More Fun!!

This is a caption itself!This a picture from the Everland theme park in South Korea. So lets star...

Siddhant Vyas
8 Airports Around The World Where Indian Travellers Can Turn A Long Layover Into A Free City Tour

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Jeju Island: Visa-on-arrival, a green volcano and other reasons to visit this weird little place

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Trisha Singh
13 Days
SGD1600 for 12 Days in Korea

Please note that the 1.6k is inclusive of accommodation, flights, transports, food, act...

Mandy Cheong
5 Beaches Near Seoul You Have To Visit While Spending Summer In Korea

South Korea is not only about spring, autumn and winter. South Korea is also about summer. Summer...

Nik Rielo

About Incheon

This a picture from the Everland theme park in South Korea. So lets start from the beginning of the trip. So, i am 11th grade student studying in Aditya Birla World Academy in Mumbai. In the month of November, my school decided to take part in an international math competition and so they selected 6 people from 11th grade. Three boys and three girls. I was super-excited as I had never been to South Korea, especially for a Math competition. So our school bought the tickets of Singapore Airlines and so began day one of our trip. It was a connecting flight via Singapore and so I had converted Indian rupee to Singapore Dollar for shopping on the airport. When I landed on the Singapore's Changi Airport, me and my friends straightaway went for shopping and returned after 3 hours when we had to board the flight again. Fast-forwarding the trip, we landed in South Korea, early in the morning and I was very sleepy and jet lagged. We rested the whole day and I woke up in the evening. Since we had nothing to do throughout the evening, my friends decided to go and have dinner in a restaurant. I know it seems damn cool, but trust me it was the worst decision of my life. As I am a vegetarian, it was impossible to eat food as there was no vegetarian food. It was even worse for my jain friends. there were two people who ate non-veg and they had the time of their lives with all the best sea-food in the city.So, we decided to do the craziest thing in the world. Eat ice-cream in -5 degree temperature. Trust me, the ice-cream was crazy as hell. it was the tastiest ice-cream I have tasted in my life. The two days went the same way. We chilled throughout the night and slept in the day. the nights in South Korea were the best ones I have had.

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