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Ivana Town, is historically famous, because it is where the Katipuneros commanded by Capt. Perea first landed at noon of Sept 18, 1898. Up next, we visited an Ivana Church also known as the San Jose Church built in 1814. It has a crenelated fortress-like bell tower. The church faces the Ivana Seaport, which is the It is the gateway to the island municipality of Sabtang. (Follow the part 3 of this Batanes series to know more about Sabtang). Our next stop in Ivana is House of Dakay - A Unesco Heritage Building (1887), this is the oldest surviving house in the town of San Jose de Ivana in Batan Island. Constructed from lime and stone, owned by Luisa Estrella who bequeathed it to her favorite nephew - Jose Dakay Estrella. Its windows and floors have never been changed, it is probably most photographed house in Batanes to date. Previous occupant was lola Florestida Estrella, who just passed away last January 2014. The Old Spanish bridge just few meters away from House of Dakay. it was built during the Spanish period and still being used to date.

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