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Mangrove Forest Ct, Jacksonville, FL 32218, USA
In the morning, visit the mangrove forest. The back canals are used as local highways, transporting cars, goods and people on small flat-bed boats, but a large area is off-limits to commercial transportation and is a designated a bird sanctuary. Tour it by canoe and spot herons, eagles and even flying fish. An excellent guide can be found at the turtle sanctuary next door to Pez — our guide, Noy, was extremely knowledgeable, although his English was not the best.
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7 Mile Dr, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082, USA
It was like paradise for me. The roads and bridges go over and under with vast blue oceans with a slight tinge of green here and there, that makes you look back twice just to check if the water is actually green there or if it is just the sun playing games with your eyes.The 7-mile drive was just the cherry on top of an already very well iced, decorated cake. The stretch where you drive up the bridge almost feels like the end of the world. The bridge just stopping mid-way touching the skies with pristine blue ocean waters joining from all sides to the contrast of the clear sky blue skies with white clouds. It almost felt like nature coming in from all sides and engulfing the concrete and all man-made inflictions on earth in one swooping breath. That moment right there I felt would have been the perfect place for the world as we know it to end.The names they kept for the key shaped islands will always intrigue me. I mean Florida Key, Fleming Key, Upper Key all that is still fine, but as we go further inside we actually found one that said “No Name Key” I mean seriously?! It was like they gave up.
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