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Jammu is one of the fastest developing cities in northern India. Its Vaishno Devi Temple, which is one of the holiest places for Hindus, sees millions of devotees every year. The city also has many more Hindu temples that are believed to be of significant religious importance, such as Peer Kho Cave and Panchbhaktar temple to worship Lord Shiva. If you are fond of shopping, Jammu has a number of markets offering shoppers a variety of options. Bahu Fort is another must-visit for its magnificent architecture and overwhelming views of the mountains in the distance. The Bagh-e-Bahu Garden is beautiful at spring time, and even more so because the dazzling river Tawi surrounds it. The garden will take you back to the Mughal era with its lush green surroundings and historic aura. Don't forget to enjoy a meal of kalhadi kulcha at any of the popular dhabas in Jammu!

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We took a train from Delhi to Jammu and then booked a cab from Jammu to Katra....

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Amongst the three regions of Jammu and Kashmir state, Jammu offers the widest diversity of terrain and beauty....

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Day 8: Pangong Tso- Changla Pass- Leh: 180kms (9am- 6pm)It was tough next morning to get out of the blanket and proceed with the daily routine. But then there was ‘sunrise’ which made jump out of my bed. What I witnessed was speechless. One has to be there to see the sunrise. It was the best sunrise I had seen till date. I have taken videos and pictures of the sunrise doing just a bit justice to it and as a memory for me. Next was freshening up with the cold water. I was ready, lubed my bike’s chain and was ready to go to the lake again. I enjoyed my ride along the shores of the Pangong. I spent some quiet time near the shore and just enjoyed the moment. Captured some final shots of the place from every possible angle and decided to proceed further to Changla pass with different shades of alluring Pangong Lake in mind. Next was the Thiskey Monastery before Changla pass. From a distant only one can see the huge statue of Buddha. Parked down the bike and then I climbed up to see it more closely from inside. Peace was in the serenity and I could feel it. Went through some of the preaching’s of Buddhism, prayed for some best wishes and enjoyed the view from the top and finally heading for the Mighty Changla. Actually while in the monastery I met a group of ladies of 6, who must have been in there 40’s and were on a road trip. They were from Mumbai and were glad to know me when I said them that I was riding from Pune. They warned me of the biting cold at Changla that they had encountered. I actually underestimated their advice as I had been to Khardungla. Though Changla pass is at a less height than Khardungla and is the 3rd highest pass, but the cold here is biting one. The roads were wet and slippery. Except the road, surrounding mountains were covered with ice and gradually at the bottom were patches of brown and white. Snow was in plenty here. I opened the helmet and within seconds my eyelids, nostrils were covered with tiny bits of ice. The cold here was something I had underestimated. So before it could get me I clicked few pictures and was ready to get down. After descending a few kilometres I could finally feel my fingers. After that the roads were good till Leh. It was around 6pm I reached Leh and went to the same hotel where I had checked in previously. Again there was this satisfaction having encountered these places which I had accomplished after riding continuously for 8 days. Though it was 2-3 degrees C at night, the weather at Leh now was quiet manageable having spent some time in the harshest conditions that I will ever encounter.
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"How will you survive the minus temperatures, the extreme weather conditions and the strenuous off treks?", my dad asked.<br />"Don't worry daddy, the mountains will take care", is all what I said!<br /><br />*CHADAR TREK - THE EXCLUSIVE ONE*<br /><br />From the time you start planning for Chadar, many thoughts may occupy your mind regarding the extreme weather conditions. But believe me, it's ALL WORTH IT!! Because it's an opportunity you don't want to miss!<br /><br />CHADAR TREK is one of the most difficult and overrated treks of India, specially known for the 'Penguin style walk' on the frozen Zanskar river. It is situated in Leh, J&K, India, on the trail of the Zanskar river. Right from Chilling to the Nerak village you will be walking on the Freezed Chadar. Due to the minus temps, Zanskar freezes making it possible for you to walk over it. This trek is open only in the months of Jan-Feb.<br />Covering your body with 4-5 layers of clothing (thermals, overcoats, snowproof jackets, gumboots, etc), keeping yourself hydrated, camera and extra batteries is all what you'll need.<br /><br />~My Experience~<br /><br />On 23rd Jan 2017, I departed from the Mumbai airport with my other trek fellows to reach Leh. After arriving in Leh, a van was waiting to receive us to our Leh guest house for leisure and acclimatisation.<br /><br />25 to 31 Jan : This 7 days-no-network-trek was an adventure in every possible way, right from the landslides to the initial few days of heavy snowfall, from experiencing -10 to -32 degree temperatures to walking on the Freezing Zanskar, from breaking the ice sheets to climbing & sliding on the snow mountain, from eating the hot maggi with chai for lunch to having snowball fights with friends, from snowfalls to bright sunny days, from going through off treks to walking from the cold Zanskar river, from celebrating the 66th Republic day to reaching the Final Summit Point, from sleeping in moist sleeping bags to witnessing those zillion stars shining bright only for you! - #WeDidItAll. A ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE!!<br />Words fall short to describe the infinite beauty this trek holds and has to offer. You will always want to stay there. <br /><br />1st & 2nd Feb : Leaving behind God's most beautiful place eched in our hearts forever & biding Zanskar farewell we headed back at our guest house and the next day after visiting a few monestries and landmarks we departed for Mumbai! <br /><br />>> A big shout out to the LOCAL PORTERS for always being there for us right from the first day to guiding us at every juncture and carrying heavy loads on their shoulders. Also, for always serving us with hot meals, only to make our trek less difficult, enjoyable and safer! <br /><br />>> As Chadar trek is a bit different from the Himalayas Treks, it is not recommended for Begginers to enroll (Only because of the extreme conditions). <br /><br />>> Before registering yourself for chadar, make sure you're fit enough for the journey. By fit I mean, very fit! Many links and organisations provide you the training to undergo for chadar!<br /><br /><br />For more pictures, visit my instagram page - @naini_shah<br /><br />Thankyou, hope you liked it! :)<br />Happy Travelling! <br /><br />#trekking #trek #chadartrek #frozenriver #thrilling <br /><br />
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#coffeewithtripotoShimla (or Simla, as it was called by the British during the days of the Raj), once affectionately known as Chhota Vilayat or Little England. Today, is popular with the tourists for its historical buildings and monuments.The history of shimla is it`s biggest asset, helping it fetch endless numbers of tourists from all over the country and worldwide. Shimla was officially founded in 1864 and was built on top of seven hills namely: Inverarm Hill, Observatory Hill, Prospect Hill, Summer Hill, Bantony Hill, Elysium Hill and Jakhoo Hill.Shimla was a paradise where most of the British officers and guests spent their summers, away from scorching sun in plains.It didn’t take much time before Shimla or Simla was declared centre of British colonial rule.The British were so charmed that they planned and built Shimla meticulously and adored it with historic buildings made in British architecture, like Town Hall, Christ Church, Gorton Castel, Viceregal Lodge (now Indian Institute of Advance Studies), the Willow Bank and so on.In 1906, to make Shimla easily accessible, British built what is known as an engineering marvel in the world- Kalka-Shimla Railway track, which consist of 102 tunnels (originally 107) and 806 bridges. It was also called the “British Jewel of the Orient”. The track was declared UNESCO world heritage site in 2008.Present day administration of Shimla is still scavenging on the infrastructure British had built. The government could not add much as marvellous as these structures.Now, Shimla is a congested and crowded place like other cities. Leaking sewerage and water supply pipes, garbage either spread all over Shimla city or being burnt in open, wrecked roads and blocked, stinking drains, deforestation for over-construction of luxury apartments, resorts or commercial buildings etc. have become trademarks of it.But, you can seek some relief by time travelling into imperial Shimla. And one such place to do so in the lovely Aira Holme Estate, situated in close proximity to the strawberry hill.The house is said to be build by the Britishers and their influence can be easily spotted the moment you step in.and a link to reach the place is as folllow:https://www.airbnb.co.in/rooms/19002767?checkin=&checkout=&guests=1&adults=1&children=0&infants=0&location=shimla&s=tSNl0-xRDisclaimer:I am in no way rewarded to promote this place, i just happened to stay there and had a wonderful experience hence wanted to share it here.I feel lucky to have come across this place. i was awestruck the moment i walked into this this beautiful house and fell in love with its authenticity.The house is decorated very tastefully while maintaining its original historical charm. Its has a vintage glamour to itself.There is a huge and bright and colourful living area when you first walk in ,which is full of light and a lovely place to just sit and look at the rain or sunset, or to just catch up on some reading while you sip on some coffee.The bedrooms are classy and in sync with the tone of the house. I fell in love with the age old working fire place in the rooms, would love to visit the place in winter time and spend a night sleeping on a mattress on the floor curled up in a blanket in the warmth of the burning wood.The whole vibe of the house makes you feel as if you have travelled back in the time to the colonial age of wooden houses with attics. In fact the house is claimed to have been build 150 years ago. I personally have a thing for beautiful creations of both man and mother nature,so this house gave me just about everything that i was looking for, from the vintage decors to the beautiful lush green surroundings, the sound of monkeys running on the rooftops, one of the best sunset views in the entire shimla and much more. All that while being in such a close proximity to the city and all the facilities and yet successfully delivering the feeling of seclusion and solitude that we all so often desire on our vacations.


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