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And from a place called Jaubari (India) our trek started....

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It had been long since my last trek and I was craving to go back to the mountains....

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Lachen, Sikki
Gurudongmar Lake, also noted as Gurudogmar Lake, the lake is named after Guru Padmasambhava, otherwise called Guru Rinpoche, originator of Tibetan Buddhism who went to the lake in the eighth century. It is one of the most noteworthy lakes on the planet, situated at a height of 17,800 ft in the Indian state of Sikkim. The lake can be reached by street from Lachen via Thangu. As indicated by a legend, when Padmasambhava went to the lake he saw a favorable phenomenon in the lake and after that he thought of it as a decent augury to enter the territory of Sikkim, then known as Demojong. It is currently said that the lake provides a shelter to any pregnant lady offering prayers to God at the lake. The lake looks small at the spot where devotees offer love, yet the bigger piece of the lake is not visible because of uneven geography impeding the complete perspective at this area.
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Rumtek, SK, India
The Rumtek Monastery also noted as the Dharmachakra Center, is a gompa situated in the Indian state of Sikkim close to the capital Gangtok. It is a point of convergence for the sectarian pressures inside of the Karma Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism that portray the Karmapa controversy. Initially constructed under the course of Changchub Dorje, twelfth Karmapa Lama in the mid-1700s, Rumtek served as the fundamental seat of the Karma Kagyu heredity in Sikkim for quite a while. The religious community is at present the biggest in Sikkim. It is home to the group of monks and where they perform the customs and practices of the Karma Kagyu ancestry. A stupa made of gold contains the relics of the sixteenth Karmapa. Inverse to that building is a school, Karma Shri Nalanda Institute for Higher Buddhist Studies. The Rumtek Monastery is highlighted in the 2014 Indian mystery thriller novel, The emperor's riddles by Satyarth Nayak.
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About Jaubari

I then proceeded to the taxi stand where I met others participants of the trek with Indiahikes. Excited, we began our journey to Jaubhari- the base camp. The very pretty blue tea house (the homestay kind of guest houses for trekkers) was going to be our stay at the base camp. We a set of 24 enthusiastic trekkers met each other at the cosy wooden dining room, everyone was beaming and excited for the trek which was going start tomorrow. I knew that even though it will get colder we all will together make it through.The next day we began the trek, it was a gradual ascend through the pine forest, We made our way to the hill tops where only thorny bushes sprawled. The sparse forest looked burnt yet, weirdly, beautiful. Everything looked as if I was looking through a Sepia filter. And the mist added to the dreamy effect. Throughout our trek we were criss-crossing between India and Nepal border. We never knew which country we were stepping in, but then these mighty mountains know no boundaries!

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