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Reaching Jerash Best done as a day trip from Amman via road....

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Roman Ruins of Jerash Day Trip to Jerash, Jordan With the Jordanian school girls Colosseum in Jerash On my trip to Jordan in 2012, I scheduled a day to go see the ancient Roman Ruins of Jerash near Amman....

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Jerash, Jordan
The archaeological park is well maintained and presents you with tonnes of architectural wonders, some of which have beem mentioned below. Hadrian's Arch:
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Jerash, Jordan
A monumental arch that stands at the southern entrance of the city. Today it is the main way to the ancient city. The gate later became 3.4 KM long city wall that was constructed at the beginning of the 4th century AD. Remains do not indicate the existence of any earlier defensive wall, which could mean that Gerasa would have been an open city up until early Byzantine times.
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About Jerash

The ancient city of Jerash is located 48 km North of Amman towards Syria. For centuries Jerash was hidden in the sand and its 6500 year of history was excavated in 1800's by a German explorer. The city prospered under the rule of General Pompey, it was known a Gerasa at that time and acknowledged as best preserved Roman provincial town in the world. Jerash reveals a fine example of the grand, formal provincial Roman urbanism that is found throughout the Middle East, comprising paved and collonaded streets, soaring hilltop temples, handsome theatres, spacious public squares and plazas, baths, fountains and city walls pierced by towers and gates.

Best Time To Visit

Best time to visit Jerash is from March to June and from October to December

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