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It was getting late so we just hung around the area. We visited the shop upstairs (from the restaurant that we ate in) named K-Story. Of course I was clueless about it. But bestie was excited, apparently it was her favourite SJ member and he likes cats. Ok, I like people who likes cats. We walked around for a short while and the place was crowded and there are really a lot of K-Pop stuffs selling everywhere. The clothes were all cutesy and nice too. Even though we were indoors, it was cold so everyone was wearing their jacket indoors. Found a cute yellow dinosaur, I simply had to take a photo with it. We wanted to go for the Seoul bus tour but because of the rain, the tourist guide advised us to come again on another day. Apparently, when it rains, it will be misty so going around to view the city will not be clear. After stopping for a drink, we headed back to our guesthouse to rest early so we can have an earlier day tomorrow!

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