Kailua-kona Tourism & Travel Guide

Kona, Hawaii after a tropical storm with the Kona Inn Shopping Village in the background A brave lizard takes a drink from the water coming off my coffee in Kona The Pride of America, as seen from Kona, Hawaii After coffee and a stroll through the rest of Kona it gets to be about 8:30, just in time for the bars and restaurants to start opening their doors....

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The Big Island is divided into Kona and Hilo....

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Where to Eat/DrinkAt 7:00 a.m. there isn’t a lot to do just yet, except enjoy the dozens of Kona coffee shops along the main coastal road. My personal favorite was a small coffee shop located in the Kona Inn Shopping Village. I wasn’t much of a coffee drinker just yet, but every Wednesday morning before anything else would open I would be parked next to the ocean drinking my volcano-grown coffee with a slight breeze and not caring about anything else in the world.
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At 8:30 you can stroll into Lu Lu’s bar and grill. Now, a bar at 8:30 may not sounds appealing at first, but once again this establishment sympathized with those working on the cruise ship and would offer free breakfast to anyone who said they were a crew member. Loco moco (rice, gravy, eggs and sausage) paired perfectly with a tall beer, or three.
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About Kailua-Kona

Wednesday – Kona, HawaiiAs the cruise hits mid-week and its fourth destination of the itinerary you reach Kona, also located on the big island of Hawaii. Kona is especially known for growing unique crops of coffee in lava fields that add specific nutrients to the coffee blend resulting in unique flavors.Unlike most other ports Kona is too shallow for the ship to park right at the dock, so it anchors further out and smaller boats called tenders make runs back and forth to shore. Each Wednesday the first tender at 7:00 is reserved for crew who have the morning off and wish to make their away around the coastal town.

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