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Alappuzha – Described as the "Venice of the East" by Lord Curzon....

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Stay: Hotel 16 Degree North, near Baga River, Baga....

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Kuttamangalam, Kainakary, Kerala 688501, India
Next stop was the Chavara Bhavan Shrine which holds the birth house of the saint, an example of an original backwaters house. Around 200 years old it is perfectly preserved and you can even explore inside - remember to duck as the doors and ceilings are very low. After we took a stroll between two paddy fields edged with water and three different types of lilypads. Further back on both sides were more paddy fields. Mr Jose explained that all these neverending paddy fields are sown by hand and the rice is harvested mechanically. Back on the canoe again we meandered through more canals until we moored outside a toddy shop. Kerela is pretty much a dry state so it's very difficult to buy any sort of alcohol, however some locals brew their own toddy. Toddy is a mildly alcoholic drink made from the fermented sap of palm trees. Obviously we wanted to give it a go, so Mr Jose took us to a toddy shop. It was a dark, dingy tin hut with five or six men milling around drinking a cloudy white liquid. One bought us over a glass bottle (probably 500ml) of toddy for us to try. In all honesty it was pretty rank and we weren't quite that desperate for a drink yet so we paid the 60 rupees, I drank a small glass out of politeness then we left. Andy refused point blank to drink any more past his first mouthful, convinced the end result would be several days confined to the toilet.
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Kainakary North - A small village in Alappuzha where you can get a glance of village life and feel the scenic beauty of nature.

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Best time to visit Kainakary North is from October to May
Kainakary North

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