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morning. Kalpeni Island... of blue. The Kalpeni Island..., the southern part of Kalpeni island.... Kalpeni people are rich...

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km from kalpeni island of lakshadweep..., our last destination was kalpeni...

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Top Places To Visit 2 Spots

Tinakara Lakshadweep

in the morning on high tides we sailed to Tinakara a near by island with a very few people. we also saw Parali 1&2. there was also Parali 3 but it got submerged in Tsunami 2004. these are inhabited islands. after enjoying the beauty. serenity and peace we came back to Agatti in the evening. on the way back Jaffar our boat crew head took us on the deep sea to see dolphins. it was very risky as the boat was small and the hides were high. but we saw so many dolphins that the risk was justified. it took us 1hr to reach back from Bangaram to Agatti. due to unavailability of accomodation we were able to visit kavaratti which i still regret but we enjoyed at Agatti.
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Kalpeni Islands

After kavaratti, our last destination was kalpeni island Again it has big lagoon & diferent corals.
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About Kalpeni

Only 2800 m long, you can take cover the entire island in a short walk and brag about it to your friends back home. If you are a tuna lover, Kalpeni is the best place to visit in Lakshadweep for you. Much like most islands in the area, it is equipped with a lighthouse too, which has three white flashes that cover a stunning distance of 33.33 km with every flash in 20 seconds. The island bears striking resemblance to the Maldives, and can be rightly called a ‘blue lagoon’. A distinguishingattribute of Kalpeni atoll is the remains of coral debris running along the shorelines of the Southern and South Eastern area. The clean waters allow a clear view of what lies inside the waters, thus making your imagination perk up to a whole new level.

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