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1 Day
Japan- Complete Guide to Hakone visit from Tokyo - Hakone Free Day Pass

Even on a short trip to Japan, it is very important to move away from Tokyo to understand the flo...

Rohit Manchanda
1 Day
Autumn 2014: Lake Miyagase

Lake Miyagase is a man-made lake situated between Sagamihara and Atsugi in Kanagawa Prefectu...

Ada Wilkinson
11 Days
Visiting Japan over the New Year

We visited Kyoto, Osaka, and Tokyo over the New Year. New Year is a huge holiday in Japan and peo...

Dianne Goh
11 Days
A 10 day backpacking trip to Japan for an Indian traveler

'Konnichiwa!!!'As an Indian traveler it is believed the world is very rude towards us. We are mad...

Sagar Pradhan
27 Days
Japan: The 10 things I Miss and 1 Thing I Don't

After a lot of trials and tribulations I reached Osaka. I arrived too late to take my shuttle at ...

Liv Blessing
Unexpectedly long but insightful hike to Mt. Nabewari

  Last week, my husband and I embarked on another hiking trip to Tanzawa mountains. We took...

Ada Wilkinson

Lake Ashi (Ashinoko)
Hakone, Ashigarashimo-gun, Hakone-machi 250-0521
Kurumaya Gofukuten
2-21-13 Ooka, Yokohama 232-0061
Gora Park
1300 Gora, Ashigarashimo-gun, Hakone-machi 250-0408


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