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Trips and Itineraries for Kashan

Examples: bus ticket between major cities: 100000 to 300000 rials (2.6 to 5.3 €)* falafel: minimum 30,000 rials (0.8 €)* ash-e reshteh or halim: between 30,000 rials (0.8 €) and 50,000 rials (1.3 €)* pizza: 150,000 rials (€ 4)* The largest share of the budget goes for accommodation; some examples, with the amounts vary widely from city to city, with a room in Tabriz costing half of a bed in a dormitory in Kashan....

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Kashan ......

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Top Places To Visit in Kashan 15 Spots

Soltan Amir Ahmad District, Alavi Street, Kashan

Weekend Getaways from Kashan  

A great place to experience the culture of Iran and visit the most picturesque mosque in Iran


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