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Daiba, Minato 135-0091
Odaiba is a man-made island in Japan, and it’s located pretty far from the city. To Odaiba : JR Yamanote Line ( Green Line) to Shinagawa. From Shinagawa, Transfer to Rinkai Line (Blue Line) for the Tokyo Teleport destination. It takes about 1 hour from Harajuku to Odaiba via MRT. The train to Odaiba is not that full, I can say that it’s really empty that day. Maybe because it’s still in the afternoon, and people is still working. At Odaiba, first we go to the Ferris Wheel to take a photo. From the Ferris Wheel, we also go to take photos at Tokyo Big Site. Unfortunately, seems like we’ve miss understand the location - and also the shape - of the Tokyo Big Site. When we focused taking photos of what we taught was the Tokyo Big Site, we realise that we actually are wrong. . *heads down* It’s located a bit far from what we expected. That’s why we don’t get any photos of Tokyo Big site, we only look at it from far away. It’s because our time is also limited. From there, we go to Diver City where the Gundam Statue is located. It’s really huge and tall, we met some Indonesian newlyweds there! From all the Indonesian people that we already meet so far during our Japan trip, Finally we found someone from Surabaya !!
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Nissan is one of the biggest car industry in Japan, and they also do some car export all over the world, including in Indonesia. We arrived in a road that full of white buildings, I think all of them belongs to Nissan. When we got inside, Nissan’s employee has already waiting for us. We gathered inside a room where we get a little souvenir, the miniatur of the new Nissan Leaf (Thank you Nissan!) that is super cute. After a short briefing, before going around the building, each of us were given a walkie talkie that can be operated from long distance so that we can hear what the employee is explaining. It’s really convenience, because we can hear what the voice of the employee clearly. When we go around the museum, I was so amazed because some of the engines can move when you click the button. We also happen to see the oldest or the first car that Nissan has ever made. It has a great maroon colour with an oldish yet stylish design. Also, we can get to know the newest product of Nissan which is Nissan Leaf (If I’m not mistaken) which use electricity to power up the engine. After going around the museum, we go by bus to the manufacturing industry. Inside the manufacturing industry is really noisy and smelly. It has the strong smell of oil. I can see some people moving around, but not many. Almost all of the machine / parts production use machine, and few people to control the machine. Even the machine can walk by itself, following the track of the machine that has been made. In the end of the production, there are few people in line, to make sure that the product is all well built (Quality check).
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