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8 Days
Indonesia: Facing My Travel Fears

I didn’t want to leave the comfort of my beloved Europe. Yet I longed to tick Asia off some...

Kirsten Alana
6 Days
One Week in Yogjakarta & Solo, Indonesia

Yogjakarta is so much more than Borobudur. This is my second trip to the city and I got to see so...

Dianne Goh

Located in Indonesia's West Java province, 150km from Jakarta, Bandung is surrounded by 2,400 metres of volcanic mountains. This topography works as a natural defence and keeps temperatures cool throughout the year. Today, this quaint city is gaining popularity for its luscious tea plantations, stunning natural landscapes, colonial and art deco architecture, incredible gastronomical tastes, and unbelievable fashion outlets selling affordable designer goods.Bandung is a great alternative for travellers looking for a destination that is not Bali, in Indonesia. The city has enough visual porn to make it worth a dedicated trip, or it can be clubbed with a holiday to Jakarta or Bali.Visa
We flew into Solo the night before, and started the first day's activities first thing in the morning. The candis (temples), teahouse and the waterfall are located near each other, and are about 1 hour away from Jogja. So I don't recommend starting your visit to them in the late morning or early afternoon. If you're following this itinerary for example, and you're heading in from Jogja in the late morning or early afternoon, I recommend doing the Day 2 activities of my itinerary on Day 1 instead.

About Keraton

In formal terms, it’s called, “Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat.” Less formally, the Keraton. It’s the royal palace, and home, of the ruling sultan in the province of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He is technically a governor but is able to retain the title of sultan. The Keraton is open to the public in the first portion of the day yet it is still used for meetings, official functions and as a home where the sultan and his family live. About 100 guards are on duty during visiting hours though at any time around one thousand are actively serving the sultan. In one direction, it faces the Indian Ocean which highlights a belief in the sea spirit. The other direction faces Mount Merapi. The layout has many meanings and now different portions and decorative elements pay homage to all of the elements of Indonesian religious culture, a fusion of Buddhist, Islamic and Hindi beliefs. There is also a wonderful exhibit of royal clothing and batik fabrics that helps the visitor to understand what different patterns mean and why they are such an important part of Javanese culture.

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