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Day 5: key west time !!...

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Key West is part of the Florida Keys Archipelago that was earlier a Spanish colony....

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907 Whitehead Street, Key West, FL 3304
If you’re a history buff, a fan of the author or just a curious traveller like me, you must not miss The Ernest Hemingway House while visiting Key West. Situated in the Old Town area of Key West, which is also known as the Historic District (more on this to come in a separate post), this place was the home of the famous American author, Ernest Hemingway, for ten years.
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400 Wall St, Key West, FL 3304
Pastel Colored structures welcoming us to the IslandsWe decided to splurge a little and encash our travel points with the Mariott Group and had booked the Mariott Beachside Resort at Key West and it was truly worth it! The view was mesmerising. To wake up in the morning to the expanse of those blue waters and sails parked all around and the gradual tint in those skies as the sun comes up is enchanting. It was like a picture waiting to be painted, Alas, we all have our shortcomings, I had to make peace with capturing it on a mobile camera and Instagram it.
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Day 6: Beautiful sunny day was upon us. Flip-flops, bikini, sunglasses, sand, sunscreen and beer. That's how we spent whole day on the south beach. South beach is party kinda beach and north is the one for family. In north beach, you can barbecue and stuff and there are lesser people than south. We didn't even bother to go on north beach. I got a very nice tan.

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Day 5: key west time !! Seeing the southern most point on map got me excited. The drive is serene. Ocean on both the sides, beautiful lush trees everywhere.. what else one can expect from life. Travelling is life.. yahi he zindgi!!I enjoyed the drive then we parked our car on Duvall street. From there we started walking towards lighthouse. Beautiful view from there but not worth 10$. Lady on the counter was very rude. Good 360 degree view of key west. Next we went to the southern most point of USA. Can you imagine Cuba is just 90 miles from there!! Took few customary pictures to capture the precious moment then we headed towards the beach. There Are plenty of very cute small restaurants, bars and Cuban shops. It's a happy vibes kinda place. I think if I go back to Florida, I would want to spend more time in key west. It's a perfect laid back place for relaxing. The beach here was wonderful. Shallow and warm water for quite a while for people like me who are not swimmers. We had so much fun at the beach and in the calm water. There are restaurants along the beach so eat, swim, drink, repeat!!! It was getting late so we started back for Miami. We got stuck in thunderstorm for 1-2 hours. Same drive was looking really scary for that time. Water everywhere, dark clouds, heavy rain and thunderstorms, I really wonder sometimes that how nature has so many shades. It really got me thinking that same sea was so beautiful and delight to the eyes in the morning and now it has become so wild and scary in the dark. After rain stopped, we speeded a lil bit and reached our hotel.

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Best time to visit Key West is from January to June and from October to November
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