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; it was the sunset time in Kheer Ganga.... Kheer Ganga was a life changing... mountains of Kheer Ganga... beat faster. KHEER GANGA...

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Kheer Ganga is a romantic... Ganga was one of the first treks... ganga is actually a mini Israel.... It is believed that Kheer ganga got...

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Kheerganga - Sunshine Himalayan Camp

Scenic Beauty, Amazing experiences, Cold Weather and hotsprings
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About Khir Ganga

Situated in the Parvathi Valley, this is a famous trekking point with the beautiful hot springs and mesmerizing grrenery. You have to drive till an extent and then start your trek. This is also the place where the elder son of Lord Shiva, Karthik Ji laid in Samadhi for around a 1000 years. The Kheer Ganga waterfall is a sight to behold and nothing less. The waters of this fall are said to have therapeutic values. To trek here you need a good pair of shoes and a bagpack with water, light food, torch, medicines, camera and some other things as well. There are good options for accomodation too after you climb up to the top.
Khir Ganga

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