Khuri Tourism and Travel Guide

The first rays of the sun in the morning begin an enthralling melody at the desert village of Khuri. The sun-kissed sand dunes of Khuri is a great alternative to the Sam Sand Dunes if one is looking for a pleasant and peaceful ambience without much rush. Khuri is also a good place for bird enthusiasts to see the Great Indian Bustard or the Demoiselle Crane. Apart from camel rides in the desert, camel races and camel polo is also organised on the request of visitors. In the evening, one can simply spend their time idly, appreciating the splendour of the desert. A typical evening in the village of Khuri should be spent indulging in the enriching Kalbeliya dance and folk music. The fine experience will keep you seated by the bonfire and gorge on Rajasthani delicacies throughout the night. Another option is to spend the night in the middle of the desert. Nothing is more magical than gazing at the countless stars on a dark and clear night.
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