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A short trip to the Northern Areas of Pakistan....

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And then I learned Adventures are the best way to Learn !!...

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Best time to visit - July,August,September,October
One of Gujarat's most beautiful places, Kutch is nature's masterpiece. The vast barren land with spurts of colour is an enchanting sight and the White Desert, as it's fondly called, is what travellers' dreams are made of. The Rann of Kutch is filled with sea water during monsoons and with salt water, immediately after. Only on a few islands will you find signs of vegetation enough to sustain the life here. The Rann is made of almost 16 tribes and most tribes have distinct cultures, different languages and a way of life that is drastically different. During your trip here, do make sure to spend time with the tribes here. Not only will you learn a little more about the locals here but the experience tends to become quite memorable. Do visit Aina Mahal, Bhuj Museum, Prag Mahal and Mandvi beach. For adventure enthusiasts, do try the camel safari, stay at the camps under the stars and experience everything one usually doesn't. Of course, a visit here during Rann Utsav is unmatched. For shopaholics, there is a plethora of goodies to take back home, including silver jewellery, handicrafts, bandhani and applique work. Do choose your stay option carefully since that will add to your experience here in Kutch. Numerous options have been added to this town's growing list of hotels and you can easily choose the kind of holiday you want.

About Khyber

Khyber two hours far away from Medina. We were very enthusiastic to discover this ancient place, especially when we read that many pieces found their back to the stone ages!. Unfortunately, our plan did not go as we wanted; While trying to get in the old Khyber area, we have been threatened by civil guy! He realized that we are from Bahrain through our car signage. He was an extremist and started questioning us in weird way asking different questions about religion and politics! (Why we are here?, what we are doing exactly? and what is our religion roots!!?). He was threatening us in many means (like he might attack us or beat us if we disagree with his way of thinking!) at the end we could calm him down and continue our way. We left the place without exploring it.

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