Kiel Tourism & Travel Guide

Max Nachttheater
Eichhofstr. 1, 24116 Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein
Bubble Boo
Kaistrasse 54-56, Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein
Schwimmhalle Gaarden
Johannesstrasse 8, 24143 Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein
Hot Rock Kiel
Harriesstrasse 01, 24114 Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein
Kunsthalle Kiel
Dusternbrooker Weg 1, 24105 Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein
Die Kieler Schaubude
Legienstr. 40, 24103 Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein

Started with Berlin with great train ride from Bremen, Germany. Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp (Oranienburg, Germany) I took a slow walk reading all the brutal history. Prisoners were tortured, gassed, incinerated and hanged to death here was a difficult sight. Hanging out with a bunch of hostel friends and not napping throughout the night was a good time to live in. Thanks Sakshi for being there in the city. Back in Bremen, where I stayed for the most and studied for my Summer School at Hochschule Bremen. Schoonr, A place where I found some narrow streets that are still the same that were way back at the time of World War II. Walking around there with those thoughts and saying no word was a comfortable thing to do.
Napping in one of the DB trains to Hamburg was a good ride for a long day to explore and know. St. Micheal's Church and its story was first on my list. Followed by Stadpark, Hamburg. Attending mini concerts at the fish market. And spent my other half of the day at Moenckebergstrasse and around the city central. Town's best chicken burger at Burgerlich was a must try!

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